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Company News

Company News
  • Gift Paper Boxes: Exquisite Packaging That Conveys Your Sentiments

    The gift paper box market has recently garnered widespread attention once again. As an essential vessel for gifts and emotions, Gift Paper Boxes are continuously surprising people with their diverse designs and high quality.


  • The latest information about company exhibitions

    We will be exhibiting at the “Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair”premier event in Asia for printing and packaging solutions,running from 27-30 April at the AsiaWorld-Expo. We cordially invite you to visit us. Our booth number is 3H-23 in Hall 3


  • Paper Boxes Revolutionize the Shipping Industry: Eco-Friendly Solution for Express Delivery

    In a world where environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the shipping industry is undergoing a transformation towards more eco-friendly practices. As part of this movement, paper boxes are emerging as a popular choice for packaging and shipping goods, revolutionizing how parcels are handled and delivered.


  • Cardboard Gift Boxes for Earrings or Rings

    In the world of fashion and accessories, presentation plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall appeal of a product. When it comes to delicate jewelry items such as earrings or rings, the packaging is just as important as the item itself. Recognizing this, many jewelry brands and designers turn to environmentally-friendly and stylish solutions such as cardboard gift boxes to showcase their exquisite pieces.


  • Both beautiful and sustainable, innovative paper food gift boxes lead the new trend of green packaging

    With consumers' growing environmental awareness and high concern for food safety, an innovative paper food gift box has emerged on the market, bringing new vitality to the food packaging industry. With their unique designs, environmentally friendly materials and careful consideration of food safety, these gift boxes have become the new favorites of major food brands and retailers.


  • Combining environmental protection with fashion, creative paper gift bags redefine packaging trends

    With the global awakening of environmental awareness, traditional plastic packaging is gradually giving way to more sustainable options. Driven by this trend, a creative paper gift bag has begun to emerge in the packaging industry, providing consumers with an environmentally friendly and fashionable choice. With its unique design and practicality, this paper gift bag has quickly become the new favorite in the retail industry and gift packaging.


  • Liushi Paper Packaging launches new customized Paper Box to meet customers' personalized needs

    Liushi Paper Packaging, a leading company specializing in paper packaging solutions, today announced the launch of a new customized Paper Box service designed to meet customers' personalized packaging needs. This service will provide customers with customized carton design and production, giving their products a unique brand image and packaging style.


  • How to make a paper gift box

    Making a paper gift box is a fun and creative project that you can do yourself. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a paper gift box:


  • Liushi Paper Packaging: Create personalized gift packaging and customized services lead the trend

    Gift packaging is no longer just a simple outer packaging, but a carrier to display brand image and emotional value. In this era of emphasis on personalization and quality, the demand for customization of gift packaging boxes continues to increase. As an industry leader, Liushi Paper Packaging has made significant progress in the field of customized gift packaging and has become a trusted partner for customers.


  • The Art of Packaging Design: Winning the Market with Creativity

    Packaging design is not merely about appearance; it embodies brand image, consumer emotions, and product information. In the paper packaging industry, creative design is not just a skill but an art. Let's delve into how the artistry of packaging design can be utilized to captivate the market.


  • Customized Cardboard Gift Boxes to enhance your brand

    Whether it's a festival, a birthday or a special occasion, exquisite gifts can often convey the most sincere blessings. In this era of pursuing personalized and unique experiences, Cardboard Gift Boxes are creating a unique gift culture for the brand with their exquisite appearance and diversified customization, integrating their thoughts into the gifts.


  • Cardboard Paper Trays makes marketing eco-friendly and simple

    A new type of marketing tool - Cardboard Paper Trays is gradually changing the landscape of the marketing industry. These environmentally friendly, sustainable paper pallets show great potential in improving customer experience, enhancing brand image and reducing marketing costs.